Know your Scale Modelling Tools

To make scale models certain tools are used. Building a great and well-equipped toolbox can be a pleasure if you are starting to learn scale modelling which may keep adding on gradually over many years.

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The following tools are really essential to make any model:

Abrasives / Sand Papers

During scale modelling you need to shape up and clean the plastic parts of your model for which sandpapers are used. A couple of sheets of sandpaper will do the work that you can collect from a hardware store.

You can collect sand papers of different coarseness levels.  The grit may range from 60 grits to 3000 grits which are the finest ones. To start with, 400 and 800 grit can work for you and you may add further grades as you progress. You can see the grades printed on the reverse side of the sand paper.

Craft Knife

It is the most important tool that is used in scale modelling. This craft knife is used to clean the reshape them which are the major part of scale modelling. Although there are many specialist tools for shaping and scribing plastic, but to start with a good knife with a variety of blades will work for you as a beginner scale model maker.

Blades and knives come in diverse sizes and shapes so ensure that you are using the right one for scale modelling. Using a lightweight knife or blade for a heavy job is not recommended. Better to have several knife handles to have different shaped blades handy.


It may not appear to be that useful for you especially when you have small fingers. But to reach out very small angles and parts of your model tweezers are required and they will actually make your work much easier. You can find tweezers in cosmetic shops. These tweezers are available in a great range of shapes and sizes.

In addition, there are many other tools also required that are important though not that essential for the beginners. These tools may include flush cutter / side cutting pliers, pin chuck, drills and needle files / sanding sticks.

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