The Continuous Evolution of 3D Building Design

3D architectural rendering has already established its significance in visual communication in building design and construction years ago. It has continuously evolved steeply in recent years and helped architects take a more realistic and process-driven initiative to developing and visualizing 3D architectural renderings. With the more empowered tools, the learning curve has minimized.

3D Building Design

BIM (Building Information Modelling) – Transforming Construction Domain

While many architects still prefer to craft their sketches using paper and pen, several have migrated to using CAD tools. The hybrid design model is more relied way for some architects that can be explored further using design software through manual sketches.  It gives more insights into intricate aspects of the design, better clarity and ease of reworking.

3D Architectural Rendering – What it offers

Missing on the simplicity of these tools is the major issues amongst the traditional architects who rely on paper and pencil process. But the fact is, BIM actually brings components of getting back into the process, reinventing a part of the design which is mostly lost by architects without shorting any technological savvy.

As BIM coordinates with every department associated with a construction project, it is more concerned about virtual construction sites and offers highly detailed models. Architect drawings are associated with modelling interface, and combining with the design tools, analytical models and engineering apps to deliver a shared visualization.

The Challenge Ahead

The future challenge for 3D architectural visualization and BIM is to make the potential users actually realize the expected advantages of these exciting and evolving tools. The biggest hindrance communication issues must be avoided. Any alteration made in a design lab is communicated to the engineers in another department or construction leaders at the site. Digital holograms are a great complement to CAD, BIM and other related digital architectural tools. This holographic solution delivers streamlined workflow integration, to easily visualize these visualization programs for better understanding.

We, at WeDrawFast, has been in this industry of 3D architecture and house design for years and have been offering virtual and physical 3D architectural rendering service to several investors looking for great building design as per their choice and need.  With the continuous innovation in 3D architectural rendering sector, the opportunities both for the consumers and the architects are endless when it comes to building the right model and offering the accurate and most personalized design solution. If you are planning to design your property the way you want, we can help you get the best deal with our quality driven 3D architectural visualization.

Know your Scale Modelling Tools

To make scale models certain tools are used. Building a great and well-equipped toolbox can be a pleasure if you are starting to learn scale modelling which may keep adding on gradually over many years.

scale model maker

The following tools are really essential to make any model:

Abrasives / Sand Papers

During scale modelling you need to shape up and clean the plastic parts of your model for which sandpapers are used. A couple of sheets of sandpaper will do the work that you can collect from a hardware store.

You can collect sand papers of different coarseness levels.  The grit may range from 60 grits to 3000 grits which are the finest ones. To start with, 400 and 800 grit can work for you and you may add further grades as you progress. You can see the grades printed on the reverse side of the sand paper.

Craft Knife

It is the most important tool that is used in scale modelling. This craft knife is used to clean the reshape them which are the major part of scale modelling. Although there are many specialist tools for shaping and scribing plastic, but to start with a good knife with a variety of blades will work for you as a beginner scale model maker.

Blades and knives come in diverse sizes and shapes so ensure that you are using the right one for scale modelling. Using a lightweight knife or blade for a heavy job is not recommended. Better to have several knife handles to have different shaped blades handy.


It may not appear to be that useful for you especially when you have small fingers. But to reach out very small angles and parts of your model tweezers are required and they will actually make your work much easier. You can find tweezers in cosmetic shops. These tweezers are available in a great range of shapes and sizes.

In addition, there are many other tools also required that are important though not that essential for the beginners. These tools may include flush cutter / side cutting pliers, pin chuck, drills and needle files / sanding sticks.

We, at WeDrawFast, have been functioning in the UK for years offering scale model making services to the people looking to create scale models for their personal or professional need. If you are in need any such service, we can help.

What Value 3D Architect Brings When you Hire them

Building construction, be it a house or a business, requires money. Being a layman in design segment, it would not be easy to imagine how your building will look like as per the blueprints made by your architect. But now, with the advancement of technology, architects now can show you the building design in 3D-rendered animation. They can help you take a walk through on the digital building itself. This process is called 3D architectural visualization and lets us know how 3D architect get the real idea of your building design and how it is important:

3D architect home designer

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

It is the most empowering and secure feeling as an investor to see the building you have invested your money on prior to its actual construction. This is what 3D architect home designer does for you. They give you the real 3D visualization of your future property, and you are left with no worries of the building.

You can Make Alterations on the Architect’s Design

If you are not happy with the design dreamed by your architect you may ask him to make changes as per your plans or vision. This facility is not available in traditional design process if you do not have access to 3D design as everything will be in mind and not before you. 3D architectural visualization allows you to see all the design details, ranging from lighting to wall shades and you can make changes, if any, asking your 3D animations designer that you don’t like.

It Expedites the Building Process

Having a 3D architectural visualization make things and especially the building process go faster as everyone, from the design to workers are aware of what exactly they are going to  construct and how it would look.

Identify and Correct Design Flaws

If you are unable to detect the design errors it can cost you dearly and if you can find after the construction, it will actually a costly affair to correct it. But in 3D rendering, errors can be easily found and can be easily rectified on time, saving lives, efforts and money.

If you planning to invest in a building; just ensure to ask your architect for 3D architectural renders. We, at WeDrawFast, do exactly that. We help you get a fair idea of your property by producing virtual and physical 3D architectural models which are computer generation architectural visualization. This brings your dreams to life and helps you get exactly the design you want avoiding costly design errors.

Architectural Design Services: Give Shape Your Ideas

If you are in the business of construction, you will surely require different ways to showcase your proposal to your investors and to your prospective clients. You will definitely need something more than just blueprints and 2D drawings if you want them to visualize your concepts and ideas. So what else can you use so that you can get everyone on the same page as you? You can use water colors, photorealistic CAD 3D architectural images, 3D architectural renderings and 3D walkthrough animations for the purpose.

With the use of these tools, you can avail the benefits of the latest technology for the promotion and marketing of your property schemes. They help everyone to visualize what you have thought. You don’t have to explain in air anymore. You can actually show them how your concept will take shape once it is completed.

If you want to use these modern tools for your property schemes in such a way that you gain maximum advantage out of it, you must get in touch with an Architectural Design Company. They will take care of everything for you.

If you want water colors, they will create beautiful ones for you that will awe your visitors.

If you require photorealistic CAD 3D architectural images, then just give your measurements to them and they will create accurate images for your use.

If you want to prepare a floor plan for your brochures and websites, they will make them for you from any angle- birds-eye view looking straight down or from an angle

If you need Architectural Building Models that are built according to scale, they will make detailed models that not only look good, but also give a proper idea to your prospective investors and customers. Built with polymeric plastics and landscaping materials, these models are created directly from your drawings. These models built by an experienced Architectural Model Making Company can also be used to showcase your previous work at the time of future projects.


If you want something more, something digital, something that will entertain, then the architectural design services to make a 3D animation walkthrough for you. Your viewers can look at the animations on any available screen. They will feel as if you are guiding them on the actual site. You can focus on landmarks, and special features in the animations.

If you require any of the above services, then contact us at WeDrawFast. We have an experienced team of designers who work passionately to give shape to your ideas. Just hand over your project to us and we will ensure that we get it done as quickly as possible. Give us a chance to create wonderful things for you.

5 Talents that Scale Modelling Requires

Model making is a process of creation where knowledge of prototyping, materials, and manufacturing techniques enable the model builder to effectively and efficiently carve and refine a concept of a property into a physical model.

Scale Model building has many steps which include conception of ideas, searching for alternatives, making drawings, selecting the right materials, and finally, taking care of the detailing.

Scale Model
Scale Model

Scale model building requires real skills. Here are 5 talents that are required to be good Scale Model Makers:

  1. A sense of scale

The makers of scale models need to have a good sense of scale. Only few people can quickly figure out the best scale for a model. So when you hire Scale Modelling Services, ensure that they have the skills to figure out the right scale. You can tell them your budget and the space you have. They will then decide what scale best suits your needs.

  1. Ability to visualize in 3D

People who can think visualize stuff in three dimensions thrive as designers, artists or scale model builders. This ability is crucial if you want accurate scale models. When you want to have the right elevation and topography in your models, it is important that you hire scale modelling services with people who can visualize in 3D.

  1. The pursuit of art

Scale Model building is an art. To make models that look like the real thing requires patience and attention to details. It requires passionate efforts to get everything to look as similar to real thing as possible. Years of research, use of the best materials, the highest standard of great craftsmanship and a passion for detail come together to create art- and scale modelling requires no less.

  1. Ingenuity

Model builders have an advantage over many designers because they know from experience what does and doesn’t work. If they face any problems, they try to innovate and find the right solutions. Their ingenious ideas ensure that your project looks just the way it is meant to.

  1. Great interpreter of information

It might happen that sometimes that there is too little information available to build a scale model. It might also happen that there is too much information available. In that case the model maker would have to filter the information. Sometimes the information can be ambiguous. Sometimes the information can be inconsistent. Sometimes the client may not know what they exactly want. The best scale modelling services are skilled at building models with whatever information is available.

Our expert designers make Scale Models looks very similar to the real site. This is helpful for builders, architects, interior designers and planners. We have a team of experts who are passionate, ingenious and patient. We love what we do. We take each project seriously and make sure that it satisfies you and your vision. If you need scale modeling services, contact us now.

3D Architectural Modeling: Impress with Visuals

One of the major challenges in promoting a residential property is to give it a unique edge so that it stands out in the crowd. When buyers look at banners, posters and leaflets, they see almost the same kind of scene everywhere- sunny bird’s eye view of the property and lawns with interspersed trees. So then how will they notice that your property is something different? The best way you can make them notice it is by using 3D Architectural Visualisation Services.

With new technological developments coming up every day, it is no wonder that 3D architecture rendering has advanced a lot. Now it is easy to convert architectural drawing into ‘real looking’ 3D model for visualization. When people look at the 3D images they will notice your property and will be attracted to it.

If you are wondering about how to get 3D architectural modeling done, then contact expert 3D Architectural Rendering Services like us. We strive to make 3D models that are unique and appeal to the eyes of the beholder.

3D Architectural Rendering Services

We make a variety of professional and high quality 3D architectural renderings to help your clients visualize the final structure of your project, even before the construction begins. We create highly accurate 3D models that are precise and realistic. Give us your blueprints and drawings and let us work on them. See how we brilliantly build 3D models that will grab eyeballs.

We can help you right from drafting 3D models to creating 3D rendered animations and walkthroughs. If your designs are ready in the form of blueprints or CAD drawings, we can convert them into well- defined 3D models. We try to remain as close to the original drawings as possible. With our expert team at work, you will be hard pressed to find any inaccuracies. We use advanced software to make 3D models for you and so they are bound to be great.

You can make use of our 3D modeling services to effectively market your property and to propose future projects to any of the interested parties. You can also use 3D Architectural Rendering Services for creating models that you can print in your brochures, banners or include on your website.

WeDrawFast has many success stories under its belt including projects in areas such as commercial and industrial landmark building, construction of palatial properties, construction of residential properties and many more. We preserve close working relationships with specialists and expert professionals, and have accrued substantial experience of working on a wide variety of projects.

If you require our services, get in touch with us today. We will guide you and solve all your doubts. Once you hand over your drawings to us, rest assured, we will give you the best 3D models you can imagine.

The new kid on the block: 3D Animations designer

That time is long gone when just static images attracted potential customers. With the advancement in digital technology, it has become essential to think of new ways to capture consumer interest. This is where 3D animation comes in.

If you want to sell property, you need to create a strong visual impact on the buyer. The impact should be such that it not only keeps the customer hooked but it converts potential leads into sales too. Only a 3D building design can do that. 3D animations have the ability to convey your ideas of design to the buyers in a simple and enticing way. They can see how the property will actually look when it is ready for possession. This makes it easier for them to decide to buy it.

3D Architectural Visualisation

With 3D animations as your promotional tool, you can leave your target audience spellbound. You can mesmerize them with top notch animations that will leave them impressed. Try to get in touch with a good 3D Animations Developer. They will tell you how you can use 3D animations to increase your sales prospects.

At WeDrawfast, we aim to provide top class 3D animation services to you so that you get a boost in sales. We create animations that depict your property from different angles with lighting effects, movements and transparency. This creates a strong visual impact on the customers.

With years of experience as 3D Architect Home Designers, we have a good idea as to how to go about the process of creating wonderful animations. If you see our past success records as 3D Architects, you will see that we have left no stone unturned to make the best animations that capture attention immediately.  We have so many ideas that we are ready to share with you for your benefit. Just come to use and see what wonders we can do for you.

Why should you choose us?

1) Fast turnaround time

We have state- of- the- art animation tools that allow us to provide you with fast turnaround time on your project. Quick and quality service and is a part of who we are.

2) Expert designers

Our designers are experts in the art of 3D animation. They have a deep knowledge of all the software and they stay updated with the latest technological changes. Our highly experienced animators have the passion, skill, and expertise to drive your project forward from; concept-to-completion, we move your idea forward with innovation and speed.

3) Security

We ensure that whatever data you entrust us with stays secure and protected. We never take anything lightly when it comes to the matter of data security. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with us and that there is no risk of leakage.

So what are you waiting for? Take the advantage of 3D animations for your business and see how it benefits you!

Benefits of using scale models

Whether you are a house builder, interior designer, marketing agent or property developer, you will definitely require good 3D scale models at some point of time. Scale modeling is an art that requires precision and expertise. We have been doing it since 2001 and we know how to create stunning models that make it easier to get an idea of how the property will finally look. We get great satisfaction in making scale models and we are sure that our architectural models will fill you with wonder too. But why should you make scale models? What do you gain from getting the scale models done? Ever wondered?

scale modelling services

Here are a few benefits of Scale Modelling:

  • A physical scale model provides a visual perspective that you can’t achieve with blueprints and drawings
  • A scale model helps you to envision the home so that you can take full advantage of the views, terrain, and other natural elements, such as afternoon shade and morning breezes.
  • You aren’t limited to straight lines and boxes. Scale model makers like us can easily make curved walls and rounded rooflines for that look you desire.
  • Scale models help architects and contractors communicate effectively with homeowners and clients, ensuring desired results and avoiding expensive changes once the project is under construction.
  • No project is too large or too small, from cityscapes and commercial buildings, to homes and swimming pools— if you can design it, we can create a physical model of it.
  • Once the construction project is complete, architectural models make stunning public displays and are an excellent way to showcase your portfolio of projects.
  • Our architectural models show incredible detail.
  • Architectural models help developers for marketing the project to investors, for seeking tenants and for fundraising.
  • Scale models aren’t limited to homes and commercial buildings. We make models of swimming pools, resorts, concept vehicles, tradeshow booths, movie sets and just about anything else.
  • Scale models can be made using different materials including polymer plastics and landscaping materials. The type of model determines which material will produce the best results. We can help you choose the material that is best for your project.
  • Architectural scale models quickly communicate design concepts and allow people to easily comprehend a project.

Conceptual architecture defines the future. You are only limited by your imagination. Turn your ideas into a miniature reality using scale modelling services. If you hand over your scale modelling requirements to a skilled Scale Modelling Services like us, we will take care of all your requirements. All you need to do is to contact us. Give us your designs, let us know how much space you have as well as your budget and then wait for us to work our magic.

The Benefits of Hiring an Architectural Model Making Company

When you have to market your property, you need to leverage all the tools that are available to help your clients visualize your property. In the architectural and the design world, it is vital to display technical drawings, designs and proposals in a very visual way. Designs made with the use of computer software have taken great strides in recent years, enabling architecture animations to be prepared in a quicker and more detailed way. These architectural animations can be displayed as well as stored securely and safely for long-term use and future projects.

architectural design service

An architecture design company, like WeDrawFast, can prepare a wonderful architecture design that allows your project to be viewed from a variety of angles. There is no doubt that architectural model making is the easiest way to present a new idea to a client.

There are many benefits to constructing an architectural design when designing a new structure or building:

1) They are easy to understand

Even non-technical people can easily make a detailed analysis upon viewing an architecture model made by an architectural model making company. This helps them to make decisions more easily. Making architectural models can considerably speed up the sale process.

2) They are a wonderful tool to persuade potential clients

When persuading the client to accept a proposal, it is important to be able to point out section views by referring to architectural designs rather than trying to explain it in words. Architectural design makes it easier to explain very technical aspects of your design to them. When they can see the whole building right in front of them, they not need to have any technical knowledge to understand what it will look like on completion and what your vision is.

architectural design

3) It helps in communicating ideas

An architectural design is also a very useful when you want to communicate your ideas with project managers, engineers and contractors. Potential problems can be seen immediately that could possibly have been missed if not for the architectural animations. Co-ordination between client, architect, engineers, contractors and surveyors is one of the trickier aspects of any design project, and anything, which can improve this, is of considerable benefit. Also, of benefit is the means to explain a project to town planners in obtaining your building permit.

4) It helps in visualizing changes and is cost affective

Architecture animations can be tweaked as and when required to test new aspects without having to literally go back to the drawing board. This alone makes the investment in architectural design service very cost effective.

5) These can be used for future reference

The benefits of architecture animation do not stop when you’ve finished the project either. They can be used in future projects and presentations; to display the service you can offer to prospective clients. This gives your company more credibility and professionalism.

If you need the best architectural design company, contact WeDrawFast today. It will be worth it. Trust us!

Why should you opt for cgi house making service

When it comes to selling your property, CGI Floor Plans play a major role in your marketing efforts. These graphics created by CGI Architecture Services help in providing your potential buyers a visual idea of the property they are purchasing. This is especially useful for new buildings or unfinished properties. Instead of depending on imagination of the structure based on 2D drawings, prospective buyers can see and envision what the finished property will look like in 3D format. This gives you a huge marketing advantage.

cgi house making service

In this technologically advanced world, where the customers are demanding the best services at every point, using property visualization tools can be a major advantage to your business.

Why should you opt for a CGI house making service?

  1. Cgi models give help in visualization

Property cgi’s made by cgi model makers help your buyers to visualize the exact layout of a new build or a renovated property. Both the interior and exterior can be viewed by them. This gives the idea about whether they like the property or not.

For people who do not understand technical drawings or have no time to spend looking over all the small details on paper,  property cgi’s are a great option to perfectly grasp the appearance and features of a property.

  1. You can showcase the property in a variety of views

Cgi floor plans allow you to showcase your property in any position and view you want. You can experiment with the time of day or the angle that the sun hits the building. You can choose what the best looks and use it to promote your property effectively.

  1. Helps to market your property

Property cgi’s are not only used by developers; they are used by a wide variety of marketing agents in a range of different housing markets. If you plan to sell or let a property, you can help prospective buyers have a clear picture by offering them a cgi image of your property. If you are a builder or a marketing agent, models made by cgi house making services can help your business soar to great heights.

  1. It is affordable

You don’t have to spend insane amount of money on cgi house models.  At WeDrawFast, we offer you cgi house design making service at an affordable price. We care for your pocket.

If you need an experienced cgi house making service, let us know. We have experience in handling all your needs. Once you hand us your designs, you can rest in peace. We at WeDrawFast will try our best to create extensive cgi models for you. You’ll never have to use a paper again to put forth your ideas.