Interior and exterior views of buildings and surroundings can be animated from any angle, and height, giving you the flexibility you need to create an instant and lasting visual presentation.

We recommend jogging pace speeds at eye level with an active route map at the bottom of the screen to allow viewers to understand precisely what they are looking at.

Send us a brief with the site plan in dwg format and we will offer route suggestions to you. After placing an order we will supply a basic massing block animation within 2 days of receiving your drawings. This will allow you to assess the camera angles and the animation speed.

Our animations are available in a variety of formats for different screen sizes. We will supply both the website version and DVD version for the one price.

Animation 8 - Aylwins

The Alywins development is a converted Sussex girls' school building into four duplex apartments alongside new build Mews dwellings. This animation shows the level of detail that can be achieved.